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STG-1   1" outside diameter x 118", plain end, medium-wall, Galvanized Tube
STG-138   1-3/8" Outside Diameter x 126" plain end, heavy-wall, Galvanized Tube
STG-138S   1-3/8" outside diameter X 126" swedge end, heavy-wall, galvanized tube
ACE-12   12" Air Circulation Fan
SSEF-12   12" Shutter-Style Exhaust Fan
SSEF-16   16" Shutter-Style Exhaust Fan
SSEF-20   20" Shutter-Style Exhaust Fan
CPLATE   3-Hole Connection Plate
ACE-6   6" Air Circulation Fan
TWP   8 mm Twin Wall Polycarbonate
ACE-8   8" Air Circulation Fan
VEAS-30   Aluminium Shutter, 30"
ATS1.375   Angle T-Straps, 1-3/8"
P-BW   Black/White Poly, 5 mil, 24' wide
BP32   Brace Pin, 1 3/8"
BP19   Brace Pin, 3/4"
BC   Braided Cord, 1/8" X 1,000'
BFC   Butterfly Clips
CP   Corrugated Polycarbonate
FCP   Corrugated polycarbonate foam
DH-H   Door Handle
ESF   Eco-Sculpture Fabric
TC   Eye To 3/8" Threaded Connector
RB-75   Fasco B75 Replacement Blower
VERUM-44   Greenhouse Electric Roll Up Motor, 44 nM
VERUM-156   Greenhouse Light Dep Roll Up Motor, 156 nM
S-20   Greenhouse, S-20 The best frame in its class!
LS-16   GreenhousesLS16
WBFS   Ground Cover Staple
GP   Ground Posts for 1-3/8" Tubing
VERUTr   Guide Tube and Trolley Installation Hardware for Roll Up Motors
PF-HS   Heat-Saver Greenhouse Poly, 6 mil, 4 year, 25' wide
VEC-GHD   Heavy Duty Self-Locking Gear Cranks for Roll Up Walls, 5:1
VEC-TI   Incremental Control Box for Roll Up Motors (thermostat input)
VEC-CI   Incremental Controller for Roll Up Motors (computer input)
IH-3   inflation hose
IU-145   Inflation Unit
IU-75   Inflation Unit
VEC-IC   Inline Crank for Roll-Up Wall
CP25   Inside Connection Pin, 1"
CP1EMT   Inside Connection Pin, 1"EMT
CP32   Inside Connection Pin, 1-3/8"
CP42   Inside Connection Pin, 1-5/8"
LT-21   Light Trap - 21"
VETH   Line Voltage Thermostat for Damp Conditions
VEAS-SM   Motor for Aluminium Shutter
CP22   Multipurpose Steel Bushing / Sleeve / Spacer (20 per order) - 7/8" x 4-5/8"
OS1.375   Omega-Straps, 1-3/8"
OS1.625   Omega-Straps, 1-5/8"
OS1.875   Omega-Straps, 1-7/8"
PS.1.375   Pipestraps, 1-3/8"
PHRT   Poly Repair Tape
VEC-CSA   Pre-Approval for CSA for Roll Up Motor Controllers.
VERUM-156LS   Replacement Limit Switch Assembly for 156 nM Roll-Up Motor
VERUM-44LS   Replacement Limit Switch Assembly for 44 nM Roll-Up Motor
VERSBO   Restraining Straps for Blackout Systems (with Hardware)
VEC-CH-kit   Ridge Roll Up, partial install kit, Chain Pull
VERUT   Roll Up Motor install kits for Venting
VERUM-kit   Roll Up Motor, partial install kit, for light dep
VERUT-part   Roll Up Motor, partial install kits for Venting
VERS   Roll Up Wall Restraining Straps with Hardware
RB-148   Schaefer B148 Replacement Blower
SD12X1-robertson   Self-drilling, self tapping screws, #12 X 1"
SD12X.75-hex-head   Self-drilling, self tapping screws, #12 X 3/4"
VEC-CH   Self-Lock, 5:1 Gear Cranks, Chain Pull
VEC-GL   Self-Locking Gear Cranks for Roll Up Walls - Left Side
VEC-GR   Self-Locking Gear Cranks for Roll Up Walls - Right Side
SC10x32-35   Shade Cloth - 10m x 32m, 35%
SC10x32-55   Shade Cloth - 10m x 32m, 55%
SC3x20-55   Shade Cloth - 3m x 20m, 55%
SC6x32-35   Shade Cloth - 6m x 32m, 35%
SC6x32-55   Shade Cloth - 6m x 32m, 55%
DH-SR   Sliding Door Stay Roller
DH-TR   Sliding Door Track
PEB   Springlock Base, 4 M (13.1')
PEB-6   Springlock Base, 6' - Ships with Canada Post!
SL-SHC   springlock s-hook (classsic)
SL-SHX   springlock s-hook (extra firm hold)
PES   springlock springs, plastic coated
PESS   springlock springs, stainless steel
SL-STH   springlock strap hook
VERUG   Standard Installation Hardware for Gear Cranks
VESA   Strap Assembly
TS1.375   T-Straps, 1-3/8"
VEH   Thermal Vent Opener - Hobby
VEL   Thermal Vent Opener - Shutters (or louvers)
VEC-TC   Timer Control Box for Light Dep
VEC-TC4   Timer Control Box for Light Dep - 4 Motors
DH-TRP   Track Roller for Square Tubing
DH-TRT   Track Roller for Tube Doors
VERUTR-1   Trolley for Roll Up Guide Tube
PH-19   Tubegrip, 19 mm (3/4") 20
PH-25   Tubegrip, 25 mm (1") 25
PH-32   Tubegrip, 32 mm (1-1/4") 20
PH-42   Tubegrip, 42 mm (1-5/8") 20
TL   Tubelock
WBF-3   Weed Barrier Fabric, 3' wide, price per lineal ft.
WS32X25   Wire Strap 1 1/4" X 1"
WS32X32   Wire Strap 1 3/8" X 1 3/8"
WS42X42   Wire Strap 1 5/8" X 1 5/8"
WS25X32   Wire Strap 1" X 1 1/4"
WS25X25   Wire Strap 1" X 1"
WSTRP1   Woven Strap, 1.5" x 300'

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