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3-hole connection plate
3-Hole Connection Plate
Price: $2.75

1 1/2" X 4 1/2" X 3/16".

Round holes are 5/16" diameter, the center hole is 9/32" X 9/32".

Versatile plate used for splicing baseboard lumber, gable framing, and custom applications.

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Eye To 3/8" Threaded Connector
Price: $14.50

Improve your existing roll-up system!
10 per order.

Used for retrofitting an existing cord-line roll-up wind restraint system to a web-strap system (see photo).
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Nylon loop fasteners
Price: $15.75

Nylon loop fasteners for 1 1/2" web strapping

10 per order
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Multipurpose Steel Bushing / Sleeve / Spacer (20 per order) - 7/8" x 4-5/8"
Price: $27.00

A multipurpose steel bushing / sleeve / spacer.
Can be attached to wider or narrower pieces of tubing and used as a splice or a pivot.

20 per order

7/8" OD (outside diameter) x 4-5/8" long
Fits snugly inside 1" OD (outside diameter) 16 gauge

11/16" ID (inside diameter)
21/64" (8mm) hole - 1" from end
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Shock-Load Brackets
Price: $47.50

Advanced and unique 2-piece shock-load brackets provide extra strength for wind restraint in roll-up applications.

Formed from rugged 1/4" stainless steel wire.

Can also be applied to the Agricultural Trade for Ag Curtain venting systems, and the truck trade for bracing tarps.

10 per order
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