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3-hole connection plate
3-Hole Connection Plate
Price: $2.75

1 1/2" X 4 1/2" X 3/16".

Round holes are 5/16" diameter, the center hole is 9/32" X 9/32".

Versatile plate used for splicing baseboard lumber, gable framing, and custom applications.

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Eye To 3/8" Threaded Connector
Price: $14.50

Use with 1-3/8" outside dia. tubing (fence top rail)
10 per order.

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metal loop fasteners
Price: $14.75

Metal loop fasteners for 1 1/2" web strapping

10 per order
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Nylon loop fasteners
Price: $15.75

Nylon loop fasteners for 1 1/2" web strapping

10 per order
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hinged shaft hangers for greenhouse vents
Hinged Shaft Hangers for Continuous Greenhouse Vents
Price: $23.75

Ideal for vent repair work. The benefit is you save lots of time and make vent repairs easier.
The vent shaft does not have to be removed while repairing worn shaft hangers and pinions.
Canadian made for durability.
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caterpillar tunnel
Multipurpose Steel Bushing / Sleeve / Spacer (20 per order) - 7/8" x 4-5/8"
Price: $27.00

A multipurpose steel bushing / sleeve / spacer.
Can be attached to wider or narrower pieces of tubing and used as a splice or a pivot.

20 per order

7/8" OD (outside diameter) x 4-5/8" long
Fits snugly inside 1" OD (outside diameter) 16 gauge

11/16" ID (inside diameter)
21/64" (8mm) hole - 1" from end
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Rack and pinion
Rack and pinion
Price: $32.50
Call or email to discuss your needs.

Quality European made steel rack and pinion.
52" straight or curved. Various other lengths available. Call for a quote.
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Fabric clips for suspended systems
Fabric clips for suspended systems
Price: $33.00

Quality European-made fabric clips for suspended systems.
100 per order
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Shock-Load Brackets
Price: $47.50

Advanced and unique 2-piece shock-load brackets provide extra strength for wind restraint in roll-up applications.

Formed from rugged 1/4" stainless steel wire.

Can also be applied to the Agricultural Trade for Ag Curtain venting systems, and the truck trade for bracing tarps.

10 per order
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polylock insert,  inner strip
inner strips for classic aluminium polylok inserts
Price: $169.00

Sold in 300' rolls.
Vinyl insert for classic aluminium polylok - give new life to a great old product.
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