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Greenhouse ventilation is influenced by many factors, the objective is to hold the temperature in the optimal range for the crop. Steady temperature can be achieved, year-round, with a combination of: roll up greenhouse sides, HAF fans, thermal openers and roll up motors.
Chain pull cranks are used as a manual opener for rack and pinion vents, light deprivation and blackout systems.

Use tubelock with motorized systems (because of the added torque); and for roll up roof vents (together, tubelock and tube create a very straight combination).

the poly to the roll up tube with tubegrips (24" apart) for sidewall applications with manual drives (inline and gear cranks). Inexpensive, fast and easy to adjust - 32 mm works with 1-3/8" tube.

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greenhouse venting
Strap Assembly
Price: $4.25 plus tax(es)

Strap assembly to secure 1.5" webstrap.
Ideal for use in light deprivation.
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greenhouse venting
Roll Up Wall Restraining Straps with Hardware
Price: $8.50 plus tax(es)

Strap sets to hold roll-up walls against the frame. Install next to the arches, 8 to 10' apart. Polypropylene webbing, 1.5” wide X 7’ with barbed grommets.

Complete with all baseboard and springlock hardware.

Can also be supplied with an Eye To 3/8" Threaded Connector for retrofitting cord systems into web-strap restraining systems - no additional cost!
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greenhouse venting
Eye To 3/8" Threaded Connector
Price: $14.50 plus tax(es)

Improve your existing roll-up system!
10 per order.

Used for retrofitting an existing cord-line roll-up wind restraint system to a web-strap system (see photo).
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greenhouse light dep
Roll Up Motor, partial install kit, for light dep
Price: $15.75 plus tax(es)

Use with 44 or 156 nm motors. more info
greenhouse light dep
Ridge Roll Up, partial install kit, Chain Pull
Price: $15.75 plus tax(es)

Use with Chain Pull Gear Cranks, 5:1, self locking.
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Roll Up Motor, partial install kits for Venting
Roll Up Motor, partial install kits for Venting
Price: $15.75 plus tax(es)

Hardware to install the roll up motors for a venting application.

Tubes supplied by the customer.
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greenhouse tube-grip
greenhouse tubegrip
Tubegrip, 19 mm (3/4") 20
Price: $17.00 plus tax(es)

Attach poly to pipes or tubes 19 mm (3/4") outside diameter.
Works with 1/2" electrical conduit.
20 per order.
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springlock s-hook
springlock s-hook
Price: $18.00 plus tax(es)

40 per order
Fits any springlock base.
Use with braided cord and eyebolts to hold roll up walls against the greenhouse frame.
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greenhouse roll-up sidewalls
Standard Installation Hardware for Gear Cranks
Price: $18.50 plus tax(es)

Guide Tube, 2 M (6.56') with installation hardware. more info
greenhouse snap clips
Tubegrip, 32 mm (1 1/4") 20
Price: $20.00 plus tax(es)

Attach poly to 32 mm (1 1/4") outside diameter pipe or tube.
Use with 1" electrical conduit and water pipe; and 1-3/8" fence tube.
20 per order
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